earthlings organic baby clothing

About Earthlings

Earthlings is a New Zealand family run business that specializes in truly organic baby clothes. The idea was born around the same time as our daughter in 2005.

Around this time we discovered the importance of protecting our little baby, and the more research we did, the more worried we became.

We asked the question - how can we clothe our vulnerable child in clothing that uses over 3 ounces of pesticides to produce, not to mention the chemicals to finish the product?

But what alternatives to conventional cotton were available? The very limited range of organic cotton products (that weren't independently audited) and the inflated costs made wearing only organic cotton difficult if not impossible.

Over the following 3 years our desire to make available affordable organic cotton baby and toddler clothing has become a reality and we have been able to create a range of organic cotton baby clothes that are thoughtfully designed and of uncompromised quality.

In early 2008 we began our search for truly organic cotton clothing as we found that the only available organic cotton clothing was not certified by independent certification bodies and there was absolutely no proof that these garments were actually 100% organic cotton or 100% fairtrade (farmed, spun, manufactured in a humane manner without child labour or equal rights).

We considered the option of manufacturing our garments in New Zealand, but as the raw materials such as cotton are not grown in New Zealand it made more sense to support the cotton farmers and small communities in India (where Earthlings organic cotton is grown).

Our first port of call was the New Zealand / Australia Fairtrade association who were integral in our search for manufacturers who dealt in both organically grown and fairly traded raw materials.

We now have great relationship with our manufacturing partners in India who are regularly independently audited by the fairtrade association and who are working hand in hand with several projects including the Chetna project and Zameen organic.

The core objective of these programmes focuses on the cotton farmers actually owning the process rather than being mere recipients in the supply chain.

Earthlings is an ethically conscious brand producing beautiful and environmentally responsible organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and kids.

Our innovative designs are made using completely chemical free fabrics and we are committed to trading fairly with all our suppliers throughout the supply chain.

We are so pleased to bring you our beautiful organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and kids designed by New Zealand owned brand Earthlings.

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