Organic baby kimono bodysuits. Natural cotton kimono body suits for babies, toddlers and children
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Organic Cotton Baby Kimono Bodysuits




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Earthlings kimonos are made from our finest quality, organic cotton. These sweet bodysuits have snap buttons at the chest and crotch to enable speedy changes (and keep baby tucked in).

All of our fine quality bodysuits are tag free - no itchy nasty labels or tags.

Earthlings bodysuits are made with baby's comfort in mind.

Our kimono-style bodysuit is 100% organic cotton in a stretchy strong and soft and luxurious rib. Kimonos are so perfect for little ones - especially wrigglebiggles!

Ideal for small babies who don't like clothing pulled over their heads - and for new parents who don't want to disturb their baby too much.

This Kimono Bodysuit is great for keeping babies temperature just right and the super soft 100% Organic cotton is comfortable against delicate skin.

Earthlings 100% organic cotton kimono bodysuits are the baby wear must have for simply lounging indoors or for practical and easy outings.

Your little one won't just be the coolest kitten in the playgroup, they'll be the comfiest!.

Earthlings bodysuits are so soft and gentle they work to protect and keep your little one nice and natural and cute as a button!
  • Made using premium 100% organic super soft cotton (certified by GOTS and eco cert)
  • Dyed using low impact environmentally friendly dyes.
  • Printed using gentle eco friendly processes and silk screens (certified by GOTS)
  • Produced without the use of chemical pesticides, toxic chemicals, silicone based softeners, formaldehyde, solvents, optical whiteners or azo dyes.
  • Generous fit - designed to take a cloth nappy.
Earthlings organic baby clothes. Baby and children's clothing for boys and girls, made from pure organic cotton. Soft, natural and chemical free - for your special little one.
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